Mitch Murder – Selection 3

Artist: Mitch Murder
Album: Selection 3
Label: Rosso Corsa
Released: 7th of May, 2015

Mitch Murder is back with ‘a collection of free tracks put out over the past’, and what a collection it is.

Better still, it’s a way to get a taster for what the artist can do, and warms us up for his impending release of the ‘Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age’ computer game score, that he is currently working on.

Straight from the movie-type commencement of this collection, ‘Introducing’, you know you aren’t going to reach for that stop button anytime soon.

‘Melting Pot’ is one, pleasantly, long and cool summers breeze, that rolls through your hair as you cruise down the freeway, without a care in the world.  This track is your introduction to the summer.

The artist then wheels out a take on the ever-popular ‘Knight Rider Theme’.  It has been covered many times, but the artist adds variations, to his distinctive sound, that will have you re-living the car, the clothes, and the chest rug, all over again.

Not just content with TV nostalgia, computer game soundtracks get the Mitch Murder magic treatment, also.  First up: ‘Lost Patrol Theme.  This was a game that was released back in 1990 (Amiga), and again in 1991 (Atari ST).  In essence, it was a war strategy game, and many of them were knocking about at the time.  However; Chris Glaister was on hand to help this one stand out, with its amazing soundtrack, of which Mitch Murder has really given it justice, here.

Another game that has been explored here is ‘Street Fighter 2’, later in the LP, and the track given a re-work is the most popular of them all: ‘Guile’s Theme’.  With mini guest appearances from all the characters, this is an interesting take on a classic.

Sandwiched between these are ‘Savage’, a horror-fest that needs no visuals to frighten the senses, and’モンタージュ (Montage)’, which is a happy-ditty that you feel deserves to be longer; hitting the repeat button has never been so pleasurable.

‘Ocean Drive’ gives you experience that it promises in the title with a lovely slice of sunshine, and ‘La Morte della Speranza (The Death of Hope)’ brings a slice of retro-horror; a morbid and intriguing sound.

The compilation is wrapped up with a remix of ‘Hideaway’, by Kiesza.  The original is a record made for the charts: to sell and make lot’s of money.  Mitch Murders’ vision is clearly not, as it is how the track should have sounded.  The commercial vibe has been stripped away and the piece is given a conscious.

All-in-all, a great collection of free tracks that this artist has been drip-feeding us over the past year.  The records are arranged to keep the album flowing, and to make it feel like a make-believe movie soundtrack.