Irving Force – The Violence Suppressor

Artist: Irving Force
EP: The Violence Suppressor EP
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden


Make way, Irving Force is here. The metal scene made him gruff and now he’s ready to bash some synths. Trying to categorize artists and projects in a plethora of subgenres can easily become an endless and vain quest. However sometimes coming up with weird appellations is rather amusing. When it comes to Irving Force’s EP The Violence Suppressor, a term which could come to mind is….(drumrolls)…Roughwave…

Obviously, Irv’ didn’t seem too focused on ‘’sounding like the 80’s’’ and manages to deliver an original 4 track project that has a strong sense of excruciating Cybermetal action to it. So those looking for some classic Synthwave might be confused for a second. However, the project does have a few aspects tied to the NeoRetro scene. First, those 4 tracks sound like they’re taken straight off from a 2000-Sega Genesis game, which leads us back to the aforementioned excruciating Cybermetal action. It’s kinda like if ‘’Cyber Police: ESWAT – City Under Siege’’ got itself an upgraded juiced up soundtrack. Then there’s the ear-movie aspect of the project. The music’s purpose becomes to materialize visions of Irving Force’s crusade directly into the listener’s brain. Therefore, here’s one of the many possible interpretations…


This is the year 2015, people got somehow used to living in a city where crime runs rampant. A city, filled with dirty streets, gangs, and suspicious individuals. The innocent citizens confine themselves in the bitter comfort of silence and blindness. As long as they stay away from the hot spots, they should be okay, at least they hope so. Tired of looking like useless douchebags, the suits of City Hall decided it was time to get serious with the situation by greenlighting project ‘’Violence Suppressor’’….

Sewer Wars
The city sewers aren’t cosy at all and no turtles would last in here. However, these tunnels were built in such a way they can grant a fast access to many key spots in the city. Gaining total control of the sewers has thus became a strategic element for those looking to dominate this city with even more efficiency. These huge pipes only used to be filled with used waters and loads of rotting feces, now they also serve as a battlefield for ruthless gangs who tirelessly compete in a lethal arms race. Then again, the fearful inhabitants of this city would rather have bombs exploding way under the pavement than in their home… Let the Sewer Wars begin.

Population control Unit mk12
It’s time to delete violence. Courtesy of City Hall and some Mega corporations, the cyber divison of the police force has been tasked to work alongside the latest form of cyber-agent: The Violence Suppressor. The guy who designed that freak is obviously into metal and has a thing for cool ski-masks. Anyway, something on his face somehow says he couldn’t care less about his appearance and just craves for crime to be obliterated. Followed by Population Control Unit mk12 as he rides his hover-bike, Violence Suppressor quickly decides it’s time to outrun the unit and work solo…

Crime scanner
Knowing your enemy is the quickest path to victory. Violence Suppressor is looking to take down the big guns. So he starts roaming around every filthy streets of the city, looking for as many information as possible about the gangs plaguing the place. Once his quest for data is near completion, the efficient but highly sadistic V-S decides he doesn’t want to break one jaw after another to complete his mission. He does actually have a plan that either reveals his nonchalance or his craving for toying with his targets….

Gridlock Shootout
Eager to delete every gang in one single blow, Violence Suppressor’s been busy. He managed to trigger a massive and deadly showdown between the factions. To do so, he enjoyed killing some of the major players from each gangs and disguised the scene as if it was the doing of a rival group. Word on the street is that they will all fight for control of the city at the Gridlock, a trashed disused club. Thugs get on the dancefloor and the bloodbath begins. While those punks are too busy killing up each other, Violence Suppressor is watching the carnage from atop a nearby building. His plan was to get every gang members of the city in one place. A place rigged with deadly explosive, courtesy of Violence Suppressor. The Gridlock is about to go Boom for one last night and the cyborg grins as he’s holding the detonator…