Sebastian Gampl – City Hunter

Artist: Sebastian Gampl
LP: City Hunter
Label: Waverunner Records
Origin: Munich, Germany

In 2014, a crack commando was sent to prison by a military court for a crime he didn’t commit.  This man promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Munich underground.  Today, still wanted by the government, he survives as a soldier of fortune.  If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find him … maybe you can hire… Sebastian Gampfl.

This particular quote was lifted pretty much straight from a popular TV show from the 1980s.  Embracing “City Hunter” you can be forgiven for thinking the sounds emanating (from your speakers) have been lifted from that era too.

It will come as a shock to you that upon listening that it is fresh, new, material that is of our time; not of that still much loved decade.

From the offset there are influences across the board.  The crystal-cut sound of “Intro” alludes to pioneer’s, such as “Tangerine Dream” and “Kraftwerk”.  There is a plethora of electronically gifted musicians from Germany, and another has been added to this pool of talent: Sebastian Gampl.

There is also a great amount of originality to his work, which brings a great blend of both sober and enjoyable sounds.  “One On One”, featuring the smooth lyrics of Tommy Reeve, is playful.  Picture a “Flashdance” type studio crammed with tight lycra, walls masked in sweat and a synth-pop soundtrack that you cannot help gyrating too.

“City Hunter” is a highway cruise towards an neck-craning metropolis.  This melodic slice of neon escorts you on one effortless ride, relaxing every fibre of your body before the chaotic street life and thick, dense, air of the city hit you head on.

Is “Clara” the girl that everyone wants to know or be with?  Perhaps, as this track leaves you spell-bound in a way only someone truly magical could.  Julian Williams provides sumptuous vocals that draw you in only further, to this sun-kissed record.

Its time to down tools and contemplate what you have heard so far, with “Interlude”.  No matter how short this piece is it is a smooth as smooth as silk, and has one of the coolest synths you’ll hear.

Now, make sure you are not tempted to search for your boot polish and dark fatigues whilst listening to “Freedom Fighter”.  Yes it has heroic tones, but there is no assistance needed; Sebastian Gampfl has this situation fully under control.  You can, however, roll your shoulders alternatively in a slightly aggressive manner to the beat, and perhaps put on your best bass-face (screwing up of lips with slight angry look: try it).

Fancy a run, around midnight?  Its probably not the safest time to run, you’re right.  After all, there’s no need as “Midnight Run” takes you through the rain-washed streets, with only flashing lights to pave the way.  It goes at a pace that will leave you breathless, so no slacking here.

On listening to “Under Control” you cannot help feel you’re on the set of “Top Gun”, roaring down a barren highway wearing little more than a pair of sunglasses.  American 80s pop never sounded so good in the present.  A very likeable and catchy track with Tommy Reeve, again, providing exceptional vocals.

And it’s always good to finish in a similar vein to how you started, and that’s what you get with “Outro”. It does sound, pretty much, the same as the first track, but this is a good thing.  It allows both you and the LP to breath after a breakneck journey, through sound.

There is never a dull moment in the ever-changing landscape on “City Hunter”.  This artists mind is a warm place; measurable only to the heat of the sun.  And please don’t think of this statement as bizarre, as the music that Gampl brings forth gifts a sense of happiness in the way the summer season does.

So prepare your city, Sebastian Gampl is in the hunt.

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