Waveshaper – Sollar Drifter

Artist: Waveshaper
EP: Solar Drifter
Release Date: 2nd February
Labels: Rad Rush Records
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Genres: #Electro #Retrowave #80s #Synthwave

Waveshaper’s music is a voyage.  A voyage beyond time and space, beyond what we know.  And since this artist has been on the scene, we have been wondering where this great mind has been.

With records that give us small samples of other-worldy life and future existence, it may be worth asking Waveshaper if he was there the very moment of the big bang.

His previous single releases, in our Solar System anyway, include ‘Radio Signal’ and a collaboration with Robert Parker  entitled ‘Modern Technology’, both massive, massive tracks.  Waveshaper’s only long player to date is ‘Retro Future’, released almost exactly a year ago and still sounding fresh.  It is still, also, as alluring.

You only have to check the artists Soundcloud page (other lovely and wonderful music outlets are available) and you will witness how popular his music is within the synth-world.  And yes, upon reading any bio’s on this artist you will see that there is a huge 80’s influence to his work.

So whats new, you may think.  Isn’t 80’s nostalgia the core of synthwave anyway?  The majority of the time, it is.  However, its how you learn and adapt and evolve.

From the moment you hit the play button, the artist shows us mere carbon-based lifeforms how progression is not just an organic thing.  Music has come along way, and so has this artist.  Waveshaper really channels his energy throughout this EP, and you feel like his creations simply don’t come up for air.  Maybe they don’t need air.  Maybe they were created in a vacuum.  Space is a vacuum, you know.

‘Stellar Jupiter’ is a first foray into this collection of creative genius.  The overall soundscape gifts us a vivid description of a giant, gaseous, unforgiving world where we could never populate.  It also brings forth intrigue, how we must explore this place.  You will loose yourself within this voyage and come out the other side feeling like a seasoned adventurer.  For interstellar travel this would be a great alternative to a classical piece.

An outthrust of a record, next. ‘Distant Projections’ has a real hostile sound, and this is a good thing.  The synths are retro as well as rugged, the later tearing at you like some rabid, well built, tiger.  Its hard not to admire how a lid is kept on this track, as it could easily break out of your speakers and take control of the world.  There are no two ways about it:  this record really does kick booty.

‘Fight Against Time’ has pace and style, both of which are what you need when go against the clock.  There is a very plush-feel to this piece that you will doth your cap, in admiration, to.  Is this record the 80s vision of the future, where by 2030 Manhattan is a maximum security prison and we have terraformed Mars?  If not, then it should be.  And the difficulty grows with choosing a standout track from ‘Solar Drifter’.

And to conclude, there is the very smooth ‘System Failure’.  At a less brisk-pace we are treated to an absolute gem.  There is a genuine feel of sadness, and of loss, weaving its way throughout that I thought only Jean Michel Jarre was capable of making sound appealing.  This is how it sounds to be alone in space.

In the end you also feel a sense of loss that the show is over, that what you have experienced will never happen gain.  Part of this is true, because listening to any great track, EP or LP for the first time always has an effect on your emotions.  However, the beauty of obtaining a great track, EP or LP is that you can relive that magical moment again and again.

‘Solar Drifter’ takes you on a journey, a journey to savour.  ‘Solar Drifter’ will shape your very existence.