Atrey – Bodytalk EP

Artist: Atrey
EP: Bodytalk EP
Origin: Prague, Czeck Republic
Release Date: 20th January 2015

Taste (LP) – 24th October 2013
Guilty Pleasure (Single) – 2nd February 2014
Supervova (EP) – 20th May 2014

Atrey is back with an EP half a year in the making, Bodytalk EP.  With the trademark sounds of 70’s disco and the feel good sounds of the 80’s, Atrey has built a reputation in the synth-scene as being prolific.

Every element used in Atrey’s tracks, until now, have been on the money.  But like any other supernova, the beauty that comes eventually goes.  So is this the death of a star or the birth of one…

A faceless figure walks with purpose, pauses, checks. Is this the place?  Through the door, one glance and all is confirmed.  This is the spot.  ‘Blood Sister’ is a discotheque full of the sounds of funk and the visions of love.  Where music is played day, and night.  There is a seamless ease to the playlist.  Atrey paints the picture so well, you may as well be there.

‘What She Wanted’ is another cool groove, one that has the feel of an early Prince production. With catchy robotic-lyrics looping over-and-over, a sax thats just too sexy for its own good and a synth so excitable it could quite as easily have eaten a whole bag of sugar.  This track is catchy, catchy, seriously catchy.

‘Leave Me Alone’ by Michael Jackson is still a great track, and had a baseline that still leaves prickles across the skin. So, to have a sound that can encapsulate that is going to give you a great record, and that is what Atrey has done on ‘Bodytalk’. At times you even think the King of Pop is going to brake out into the moonwalk. Everything slides along nicely. One to cruise to.
Every track on this EP sounds completely different but yet has that certain joie de vivre.  Atrey has had a lot of fun and satisfaction putting this slice of ‘life’ together.  ‘Moonchild’ is joy in a nutshell.  It is playful and charming, not even allowing the thought to skip through the track or, should I even dare to say it, press stop halfway through.  If this is what children from the moon sound like then we need to populate that silver-faced satellite as soon as we can!

My neck aches and my cheeks ache.  This is not a problem, however, as it is from constant head bopping and smiles, lot’s of smiles, as this an absolute gem.

Atrey raises the bar with every release and never fails to surpass it.  Make sure ‘Bodytalk EP’ is part of your playlist.  In fact, make sure it is part of your everyday life, as everything from your chances of winning the lottery to having the perfect hair cut will significantly increase.

This body talks and it also walks-the-walk.