Sung – Overizer

Artist: SUNG
EP: Overizer
Label: Sungrecords
Origin: Paris, France
Release date: 9th December 2014

Previous single releases include: Way Farer, Anywhere, Space Log and Thunder Love.

Since mid-2012, an electronic storm has been building.  Gradually and patiently.  And just as another year was about to pass we were hit by the full extent of it.  Overizer was finally unleashed.

Single.  Nothing.  Single.  Nothing.  We have been made to wait.

Geoffrey Graven A.K.A SUNG, has been drip feeding us with sounds that have left us aching for more.  And like any true artist, he has given us the fruits of his labours when we can bare the wait no longer.  Not a minute more, not a minute less.

Overizer is an extended player that is brimming with passion and heart, pleasure and creativity.  We didn’t want another single, we wanted this.

The first thing to burst out at us is the intensity that is ‘Neon Artery’.  You will be taken back by the full-force of its assault.  With big beefy beats and sadistic snarly synths you are not given a moment to compose yourself.  SUNG is unleashing his full arsenal upon your very existence.  I would even advise that you press pause, as a matter of urgency, and call the first insurance company you can find.  This track is a one-man war on crime.  And is brilliant and breath-taking.

‘Skylane’ is cut from a different cloth.  Beats, yes.  Synths, yes.  But from the rain-drenched cityscape intro we are taken down a different path, or paths.  The murky city we are welcomed drips of vice.  Its corruption is the very fabric of its sky-scraping buildings.  This city needs a hero.  One of no morals, perhaps an anti-hero.  Either way, an edginess is instilled by the sounds emitting.  It is both atmospheric and dark.  Immerse yourself in it.

The title track, ‘Overizer’, brings the pace back up a few notches.  Synths reminiscent of Kavinsky, beats reminiscent of SebastiAn.  Energy reminiscent of Justice.  The track uses all these influences, components, and delivers the best from all.

Slow, purposeful, neon seduction.  ‘NightCruisin’ is simply beautiful.  You are left mesmerised with its layers of sound.  A juggernaut of a record.  For me, the highlight of the EP.  Thats if you could pick one, of course, as each track is individual.  Individually brilliant.

This does not abate with the closing track, ‘Sunset Drive’.  Its charm gives you a warm, summers day feeling, and finishes off one of the most complete EP’s you will ever hear.  For an artist to attend to every detail takes time.  So, has it been worth waiting for?  Two and a half years of creation?  It has, and you will enjoy every nano-second of it.

Geoffrey created this masterpiece, he created the artwork and he created SUNG.  And SUNG is genious.