Dance With The Dead – Send The Signal

Artist: Dance With The Dead
Album: Send The Signal
Origin: California/Another Dimension
Release Date: 15th December 2014

From 2013 to now, the consistency of tracks from Dance With The Dead have been akin to jealousy.  ‘Out of Body’, their first release, is still as popular as when it was released.  ‘Into The Abyss’ with tracks like the ever popular ‘Battle’ and the truly poetic ‘Lone Survivor’ fresh in the memory.  And the further evolution of sound with ‘Near Dark’, where DWTD really unleashed their energy upon us.

Now, it is the turn of ‘Send The Signal’.  Again, the artwork chosen is apt and appeasing to the minds eye.  However, we must delve into the music, ad the leave the sleeves to another occasion.

‘They’re Here (Intro)’ is horror incarnate, and the sounds trouble every chromosome within your genetic structure.  It feels as though you are faced with a mile-high wall or some sinister and threatening beings that you are left with no choice but to tackle.  The albums playlist reads like a movie soundtrack and from the off, it feels like one.

‘Poison’ then kicks in with a massive dose of adrenaline; firing every gland and muscle.  The physicality of this record is hard to ignore  It punishes those who go against it, and galvanises those who go with it.  Either way, it feels powerful and will leave you feeling the same.

The next track, ‘Not of This Earth’, is a very clever piece, indeed.  The synth speaks to you in an unfathomable way, as if it is not of this earth.  Otherworld-type effects really layer this record and create a very ‘alien’ feel.  ‘Space Walk’, on the other hand, has a very ‘euro’ feel, with is beats, and the overall vibe is of traveling into the unknown.

‘Signals’ has very 80’s sound, incorporating softrock-type guitars and growly synths.  Again, the energy that DWTD have simply ebbs and flows not just here but through the rest of this album.  I cannot even imagine there was any down-time throughout this production, of which can only be admired.  ‘Signals’ also keeps the overall consistency.  You will simply not be able to fight the inner feeling to move whilst listening.

In ‘Take Me There’, you are taken by the hand and introduced to unassisted flight.  Dance With The Dead are take you on an epic journey over foreign terrain, possibly across a new world, here and, with the sounds on display, it is easy enough to picture everything from the terrain to the lakes and vegetation reminiscent of what we have on earth.  I even got carried away whilst composing the write up of this track, it is that effective.

Finally, the tempo is brought down a few notches for us lesser-beings to be able to catch our breath.  There is almost a touch of romance and harmony to ‘Nightdrive’.  The ‘cruising’ aspect of the tracks rhythm really are captivating, almost like a metronome.  It is a very strong track is the highlight of another great piece of work from DWTD.

Consistency is key, but it is easier said than done.  Have DWTD managed to pull off another solid production that will please fans old and new?  Of course they have.  Would you have expected anything less from them?

One signal you will be glad to have received.