Maxthor – Black Fire

Artist: Maxthor
EP: Black Fire
Label: Future City Records
Released: 27/11/2014
Origin: Cloud City

Over the past year Maxthor has been slowly beavering away with remixing for the likes of Henry Saiz and Village, and creating this more quality-over-quantity EP creation.

Maxthor has a very distinctive sound, blending 1980’s synths with Italo Disco and SynthPop.  And his voice is akin to Peter Gabriel, with an equally envious ease. of delivering his dulcet tones.

‘Black Fire’ is already a very popular record, and gives the EP a full head of steam.  You will find yourself either humming or singing ‘Black Fire’ wherever you go, even after the first listen.  Yes, this is catchy and that is no bad thing, unlike your average throwaway pop record.  The production gives the record an epic feel.  The lyrics and synths are spacey and the beats give it an up-tempo feel.  If you close your eyes, you could almost be on a journey deep into the farthest reaches of space with not a care for its great vastness.

‘Will You Wait For Me’ would not have been out of place on Daft Punk’s ‘Tron 2’ soundtrack.  From its gorgeous electronic intro to its pleading finale, this track of lost-love is reminiscent of a television drama.  Longing from our hero and wonder from the listener.  And this all we can do throughout this musical journey.  The softrock vibe is very fitting, as the guitar almost sounds like it is weeping.

From a tale of woe to a disco situated somewhere hot, dripping in synth pop sweat.  Even though the lyrics are melancholy, you cannot help but feel at least a foot tapping away to the beat that is ‘Colony’.  Like every other track featured, it feels like it has finished too soon but yet they all average over four and a half minutes.  All good things seem to finish too soon though.

‘Flamingos’ has a wonderful europop-type-campness about it, which .  There are also shades of the ‘Thompson Twins’ with its sprinkling of synths and effects, bringing much joy to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of listening to their creations.  Maxthor has blended a few different sounds and genres throughout this whole EP, and he could not have got them to blend any better than on ‘Flamingos’.

The finale is Italo Disco at its uplifting best.  ‘Just Take Me Home’ is spritely and invigorating, and it is a fitting end to an EP of true elegance.  You will find it hard to pick a standout track from this strong and very well put together collection of extended player.

Maxthor has been able to flex his musical skills and give us mere mortals a taste of things to come.  This artist is going to have a career that at least one eye will need to be kept on.

It cannot be possible to tire, from this raging black fire.