Futurecop! – Fairly Tales

Artist: Futurecop!
Album: Fairy Tales
Label: Kiez Beats, Germany
Origin: Manchester, UK
Released: 21st November 2014

When you think of Futurecop! you almost instantly picture everything from insanely colourful backdrops to fluffy kittens eating candy floss, and this is from just admiring their delicious choices in artwork.

The music paints pretty pictures, too.  There is a limitless energy, like that of children, that runs through everything they have worked on.

Futurecop! don’t just create what your inner-child wants to hear, but what your heart longs to hear.  One can only smile when listening  their previous works, and this album has all the markings for such a feeling.

Listening to ‘Fairy Tales’ you can feel its diversity, as every artist brought in to work on this project all apply their craft in different musical genres.  And everybody involved gives nothing less than 100%, of which you can only imagine would be the least, working with such a positive and zesty duo.

You also admire the fact that Futurecop! have added different types of music, or flavour, from the artists they have collaborated with, not just using them for a bridge to their melodies.

From start to finish, Futurecop! creep more and more ‘Into Your Heart’.  The opening track is something very beautiful, with joyous synths and wistful lyrics raising the hairs on the back of your neck.  It is almost too easy to say that this record could fit onto an OST, but how perfect it would.  Both Hunz and Mosaik play a massive part in giving this piece a ‘conscious’.

Up next is a very interesting collaboration.   JNS MSC is know for his work in Trap, EDM and Dreamwave, of which the later shines throughout this track, so it is very pleasing that these respected artists went on to create such enchantment.  With regards to the music itself, are these secrets between lovers or friends?  Either way, ‘Secrets’ is an instrumental which pushes the mind to explore  the possibilities of both.

‘Sun Is Mine’ features the gorgeous lyrics of Mereki, who helps create something in-between 80’s pop and future synth.  A stand out track from the album that will only help catapult Futurecop!’s ambitions, and reiterate their intentions to gift us with wonderous music.

The next couple of tracks evoke longing like never before, delivering flickers of heartbreak and happiness.  ‘Lost Love’, with DWNTWN’s soft, meloncolic delivery, and ‘Till Eternity’, with shades of the Pet Shop Boys.  There are moments where you will feel genuine emotions of fragility.  This is the shift in the album where we begin to feel a change.

‘Growing’ reiterates this progression in life and sound.  Here is also where three great synth worlds collide  With both Timecop1983 and New Arcades throwing their creativity into the melting pot we get something that the great Flock of Seagulls could have forged.  Its exhilirating, intelligent and breathtaking.  A very impressive record, indeed.

Next up is a technological marvel, with a sound that is as warm and infectious as a tropical ocean.  ‘Mermaids’  is so enjoyable to listen and ends too soon.  There are parts where the beat just melts away and the the synths roll over you like waves meeting the shore.

With LA based duo, Future Holotape, you get a real concoction of house-vibes and retro-cool.  ‘Dictionary’ really deliveries a heavy weight sound that hits you hard with a growly synthesiser and a meaty bassline, with a melodic twist giving it a constant fresh feel.

‘Take My Hand’, featuring Maria Usbeck with her very distinctive voice, takes us through a tale of bubblegum love, whilst ‘Treehouse’ gives you the feeling you’re head is amongst  clouds.

On the next track, ‘Eyes’, you get a piano that could easily have been played by Bruce Hornsby and the Range, who have been one of the influences that have driven Futurecop! to where they are now.  Breath Lyon’s sweet vocals onto a chivalrous production and what do you get?  A very pleasing ballad.

Diversity really takes its hold in the final track of the LP.  A mixture of ambient, 80’s pop and dream-folk come together to form the wonder that is ‘Y.F.L’  If you are going to finish strongly then this is how you do it.  With dreamy vocals and a very sexy saxophone, your senses are well and truly seduced.  In the end you feel you have been art of something very special, not just wit the track but the album also.

From a very youthful opening to a gradual maturity it is no doubt akin to life itself.  Through various experiences (heartbreak, friendship, travel, love) you almost feel you are being guided through your very own ‘past’, of which you can only doth your cap at what Futurecop! have created: something we can all relate to.

This is a great release and keeps up the pedegree that Manchester has with producing countless, great artists.

There was the past.  There is the present.  There will always be Futurecop!