DataStream – Stored Energies Technology Vol.1

Artist: DATAStream
EP: Stored Energies Technology Vol. 1
Origin: England
Release Date: 4th November 2014

An experiment has been held at DATAStream Laboratories, UK, to find out whether synthesisers and computers still love each other.  It is an experiment that is long overdue, and we are happy to deliver the fruits of Martyn Stonehouse’s labour.
The first set of results have been published on a four track EP, entitled ‘Stored Energies Technology Vol. 1.  DATAStream found no other way to record them, except in musical format.

We can only hope that humanity is ready.

‘Skyline Trail’ is our first instalment.  After a melodic introduction, a digital deep breath, we are taken on a synth-ride along a 100 mile-high coastal path.  Dodging synthetic tree stumps and avoiding a cliffdrop where there is no coming back, both a sense of freedom and excitement are instilled.  Arriving at the coastline to be greeted by waves and the dying sunlight, of which floods the body with serenity.

With potential outside influence from the great, Jan Hammer, comes ‘Future Fantasy’.  Can computers and synthesisers co-exist in the worlds and centuries of years to come?  Here, DATAStream demonstrate that this is possible through harmony.  There will times where their bond will be tested, like any other relationship, and this experiment divides the track down into electronic-pop segments for man to comprehend.  The cinematic ending shows that love is not fantasy, but future.

‘Thunder Bay’ gives a chance for computers, or consoles, to convey their inner longings for adventure.  A digital sea is created and we are invited to ride its waves in speed boats you would normally only witness in the Florida Keys.  Computers have heart and show us, in this piece, that their happiness can be our happiness.  Sea spray has never been so much fun.

We conclude with ‘Feelings’, and how apt the title is.  DATAStream joins both computers and synthesisers in a 8-bit inspired discotheque, filled with chiptune wonder.  There are no boundaries here at this very intimate party, celebrating the coexistence of these three great powers.

Overall all, a successful experiment that will appeal to all synth wave and NES* fans alike.  DATAStream will no doubt be sharing further expertise from their laboratory and Vol. 2 could not come soon enough.

Einstein a go-go.

*other 8-bit consoles are available.