Jordan F – Slipstream

Artist: Jordan F
Origin: Sydney, Australia
Album: Slipstream
Running Time: 45:21
Release Date: 15th September 2014
Label: Rosso Corsa Records

Finally, after two years of singles, remixes and even an EP,  the wait is over.  Jordan F has released his much anticipated long player titled ‘Slipstream’.

The last couple of years look as if they were the foundations for this piece, and you can feel that the hard work of getting established has paid off.

From ‘Jordan’s Theme’ to now the artist has built a great reputation.  I can also imagine how patient he has been, as the first track on the album was originally released towards the beginning of his career.

So, its a case of something old, something new with the first track on show.  ‘Abandoned Streets (Part I)’ was created, what seams like, an age ago.  Does it feel like that?  No.  It feels fresh after a makeover, giving the track a more mature feel.  In essence its a better record, and I am sure this was the intention of the artist.

What we have, with our starter, is an epic of electronic proportions.  Over a drum machine, that sounds as if it has been to hawaii for the past month, we have synths waxing and waning effortlessly.  Its just so seamless.  And with added effects the track never looses its grip of your attention.  A lot of craft has gone into re-imagining this record, and I am in awe of the effort.  With the crescendo, of which is breath-taking, there is a sadness that the track has come to an end.  Fear not, though, as this is merely the beginning of something bigger.

With ‘ Take Flight’ we get something quite cinematic. There must be a soundtrack out there with a great void, for a piece like this.  For four and-a-half minutes we cruise above the clouds through the twilight, not breaking a sweat. There is an underlying power, or energy, buried deep within this record, boiling below the surface.  However, Jordan F has kept that there, harnessed.  Instead, you are given a smooth, relaxing ride of which you really should have your feet up, right now.

Let me ask you a question.  How would it feel to get on a motorbike on a hot summer night, cruising with the cool breeze running through your hair?  Exactly, it would be amazing to cool off in a pair of mirrored-sunglasses, and not much else.  ‘Into The Night’ is that coolness.  It also brings a touch of sexiness to the album, which is a good touch and is quite fitting for what is next.

‘Space Romance’ is a fantastic piece of Chillwave with some great influences, one of which being College.  This is a pleasant piece of music that gives the LP another string to it’s bow.  Its warm feeling will have you playing time-and-time again.

Speaking of influences, ‘Nightwave’ could almost be a sister to either of Kavinsky’s ‘Testarossa’ records.  It’s a tough and angrier record to what we have been witness to, so far.  Somehow it taps into your bodies energy supply and ramps it up a fair few notches, forcing you to move.  This album is filled with a great variety, and to have something so edgy really adds a lot of flavour to the stewing pot.

The next couple of tracks give us both elegant lounge and 80’s discotheque.  The former being the beautifully named ‘Hologram Rose’, incorporating bouncy beats and a crystal cut Keytar-type synth to die for, which flies in like a hero type towards the end.  And the later, ‘So Close’ which taking us to a neon play house, where memories are made on an octagon shaped dance floor, bathed in lasers.

I mentioned earlier about a bigger picture being created, and so far you can hear for yourself that Jordan F’s diversity is paving the way to something very promising.  Well, the last piece comes as nothing short of a feat in exceptional musical production.  To have one epic track featured on an LP that sounds good is something very special, its an achievement.  To have two is quite simply out of this world.  Surpassing ten minutes, again, and being something very pleasurable to listen to is truly a work of pure genius.

And that is what we have here, a genius.  Jordan F will no doubt exceed a lot of expectations with this release and will also set the bar high for the genre.  This is a good thing and will no doubt keep the scene strong.

Overall this is a very impressive debut release.  Also, if you are planning on taking an abandoned street in the future then make sure you contact Jordan F, as he knows how to navigate them with style.