Sagittarius V – Renegade

Artist: Sagittarius V
Album: Renegade
Label: Future 80’s Records
Origin: Brussels, Belgium, Earth
Contact: or via certain synth frequencies

I enjoy reading.  I enjoy how a story builds and I enjoy my mind cutting loose from the day-to-day humdrum and letting it run wild in the field of imagination.

And here, I have to say, is the first time I have pressed play on an EP, or LP, and let it run through every second, right to the very end.  I didn’t even pause for a trip to the rest-room.  It had to wait, as here I was allowed to be in the same mind-set as, I would be in, if reading.

I cannot say it was like a movie, as the pictures are put there in front of you and anyway you allowed to picture scenes, or even certain characters, are taken away from you.  This would also do ‘Renegade’ a lot of injustice.

Each track blends to bind a story together, that I really lost myself in.

‘Lucidator’ got proceedings underway with what I later found out was a sound-effect coming from my speakers, and not an extraterrestrial craft hovering  above my roof.  It also brought an edge of menace.  From a hulking-craft we are delivered the main character, one who is here for something…  Who is it and what is its purpose?  These mystery’s are provided throughout the track, which is laced with aggression and purpose.

As our character develops in ‘Renegade’ we are exposed to the EP’s energy.  The spritely synth punches away at my frontal lobe, not leaving much behind.  I am not fazed by this, as my ears can still pick up the need for him/it to run.  We have stumbled across a man-hunt and things are about to get interesting.  Friend or foe?  Either way, this is a track really is like striking a match in the dark.

‘The Night’ gives us both the peacefulness and unrest of night.  Slick roads, crisp air, full moon and the relaxing hum of electric pylons.  On the flip-side we pass alley ways filled with the lurking evil, random car fires, ladies of the night and run-down grimey strip joints.  In essence, our lead guy is desperately trying to make it to the morning, but the walls of darkness are closing in.  Will our anti-hero make it?

All weight is lifted as ‘Sunrise’ brings the feel of a new day.  Closing our eyes, you can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  The growling synth reminds us, however, how harsh the sun can be on your eyes first thing, so wayfarers on please.  Here, our character is rebuilding its strength for the main event, of which you will find is the wisest move possible at this stage in the story.

The main event is set in ‘Tokyo Mind E-Racer’.  I have to say, before proceedings, that the main synth reminds me of early material from Gary Newman & The Tubeway Army.  This is a before we brake out into a sonic attack on the senses.  The track does not settle until the very end, its pitch changes up and down dramatically.  I really enjoyed how much of an adrenaline kick you are given.  It is frantic, in a good way.  You can almost feel the gear changes as our hero is in pursuit of the main boss.  But who will complete the final stage?

Well, it had to be the good-guy.  In ‘Standby..  Me’ the main character has saved the girl and now must return back to his journey within the stars.  This is a fitting end to a great EP, as it leaves you with a sense that you have been a part of it.  You have created the story and this great collection of tracks has helped to do that.

This has been a story through the art of music, and I tilt my cap to Sagittarius V for having the creative genius to be able to achieve this.