The Midnight – Days of Thunder

Artist: The Midnight
Album: Day of Thunder
Release Date: 15 July 2014

Have you ever heard the saying ‘attention to detail’?  If you hadn’t the Midnight surely did before they created this mini masterpiece.

It took 2 years to craft and it is still only an extended player, and you can tell.  Each track here feels like it has, well, feeling.  There is a studio in LA that must have layers of sweat on its walls from the hours spent in its confines.

I make it sound like it was a torturous experience but bare with me, as I can just picture, by listening to the music, that there was a great deal of work that has gone into this production.

The Midnight have begun an epic journey that will take them beyond success.  From the moment I pressed play I did little else but listen.  I was captivated.

‘The Years (Prologue)’ takes our hand and leads us into the rays of the sun.  It has a very warm feeling, which is exactly what you want from your first track, and draws you into its oriental-type garden of electric paradise.  I love how the track simmers away.  Its slowly builds with epic lyrics, Angelis-type synths and a kick drum, creating nothing but an anthem.  It is a calling to everyone to capture the here and now, and this is what the Midnight are all about.

‘Gloria’ continues the feel-good factor, but in a different way.  With meaningful vocals, from the off, and a spritely synth-wave feel we are taken for a ride on a highway, fueled only by love.  When you just need to get to someone and nothing else matters this is the record that should accompany you on that journey.  It doesn’t even matter that this is the shortest track here.  Everything is compressed giving you nothing but the good stuff.  This creates a real musical ‘high’.

We didn’t need a prompt, but this EP is very eager to keep the momentum.  So, with ‘WeMoveForward’ we have something that could easily turn out in the Balearic Islands.  I love how flirtatious the beats are here, tempting you to move.  The piano is melodic and, again, the vocals deliver.  And have you ever sat and watched a three-hour movie and time felt like it went a lot quicker?  Well the same principal applies here.  I had to check that the record was actually eight minutes long.

Quit often the track that shares the LP or EP’s title isn’t usually any good.  Whether it’s pressure or the artist tries too hard we just don’t know.  However,  ‘Days of Thunder’ really impresses.  I enjoy the influence of 1980’s nostalgia and echoes of ‘the Boys of Summer’.  The breadth of musical talent of this duo is on show here.  They could have even recorded it at Muscle Beach whilst flexing.  Each track is unique and I enjoy each one of them, but if I had to pick the standout track then it would be this one.  It is addictive and a pleasure to listen to.

With ‘Kick Drums & Red Wine’ we have a different kind of beast.  It has an instrumental feel, baring only minimal vocals but plenty of synthesizers.  This is a city track.  Somewhere dripping in neon and with a weekend feel.  It’s a build up to the end of the night, draining you of your last moves.

If the above were the climax then ‘Los Angeles’ is the afterglow. It leads to a beach in warmer climes with a moonlit backdrop.  With the tide rolling in and back out again, plus good company, what else would you want?  ‘Los Angeles’ is a great piece, showcasing clever and meaningful lyrics with dreamy synths and great production.  There is something old and something new here, which will create a lot of appeal.

If this is a taster of what is to come then the Midnight are going to be with us for some time.  All of these tracks will sound as fresh now as they will in five years time and with everything that has been put into this production I can safely say: there are not just two minds that have been at work here, there have been two hearts also.

They may be called the Midnight but this is merely the dawn.