HOME – Odyssey

Artist: HOME
Label: Midwest Collective
Release date: 1 July 2014

If you needed an introduction to chill-wave here it is. An album carved straight out of coolness and sophistication.   And how the artist suits the label, Midwest Collective. Based in Illinois, this fledgling label leaves me nothing but impressed. From eye-catching artistry to ear-quenching music, they really have a feel for what will stimulate the senses.

Intro sets the tone with its oriental sounding 8-bit charm. It is hypnotic and engages you with its slow build, sublime synths and majestically minimal approach. Like the rest of the album, less is more.

Native is next up with its livelier feel, melding beats and bass, in a subtle fashion, with a melody lifted straight from the heart of a space station. This is a technological feast.

If there was such a thing, can you imagine cruising deep into interstellar space to see stars being created? Well, Oort Cloud does this without you moving from your stereo speakers. It does its best to illustrate an exhilarating experience, pausing at times and moving quickly at others, replicating your desire to take everything in.

Tides has a dreamy feel whilst Odyssey keeps you moving in the right direction. Sandwiched between these two tracks is Nights (I wish I could be there).  It gives you both longing and lust, pretty much exactly what the title implies.

Another of the standout tracks is New Machines. It makes me feel like I’ve stumbled upon a late 1970’s disco, wall-to-wall with robots that have been sent from the future to teach us how to love each other. Can you feel the love in the room right now? Definitely one to be played late and with mood lighting…

Resonance could be classed as the weakest track on show here, but keeps plenty of interest.  Rightly so, as the following track Come Back Down has a nice ‘lounge’ feel to it: A lounge with an exclusive feel, serving continental cocktails within a luxurious, lights-low, setting.

We now draw to a close with Half Moon and On The Way Out, the former leaving you in a state of contemplation with its melancholic feel. The later taking you on a late night drive home, with not a soul on the streets, just a deep humidity in the air.

The tempo changes both up and down between all tracks creating a soul-coaxing ambience that will keep any room in a blissful ignorance to everything else but the music.

I’m excited by this release. From the beginning to the end, you are spoilt with a soundscape of technological bliss.

People may say that the tracks sound a little familiar. I say it is a winning formula and I am very keen for Home to thrive.  This is the greatest Odyssey since 2001. The future is bright, the future is neon!