Muscle – The Pump

Artist: MUSCLE
Label: Future City Records
Release date: 17 March 2014

Some albums let you know right off the beginning what they’re about. That’s the case of Future City Records’ latest release. If you still haven’t heard about MUSCLE, you should definitely hook him up. MUSCLE just delivered a workout synthwave bomb which smells like sweat, sex, leather and cast iron gym weights.

It all starts with a warm up which will raise your body temperature. ‘’Feel the steel’’, a heavy groove to make you lift those weights up ; with a bewitching bass to set the rhythm while you bench press. The arpeggiator paces your breath while the lead indicates when to pause. A KILLER

‘’The Pump’’, sex is in the air and it’s time to do some push-ups while watching hot babes aerobicizing on that crazy disco rock anthem. The guitar chorus reminds us that we’re in the 80’s and that Arnold Schwarzenegger is performing his show.

Our body still wants more so the training continues with ‘’Our Bodies In Heat’’, there’s no tapping out thanks to that crazy synthetic bass which orders us to focus on the remaining body parts, shoulders, biceps, legs, everything goes.

‘’All My Ex’s Died In Texas’’ makes us leave the gym to go to a bar where Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead’s singer, would enjoy singing with his deep suave voice. Coke and sweat is dripping all over the place. The guitar chorus are coming straight from Texas.

‘’Il Stallone’’, the least inspired title of the album in my opinion, still it is set in that Electro-Disco theme which evokes another 80’s club that fancies it’s italo classic disco bass.

Eventually, the album ends with ‘’Sexin’ In The Steamroom’’, a woman noticed our brand new muscles and that distinct manly smell, she starts her seductive dance and we can’t help grabbing her by the hips. That little fragile body could break upon the power of those arms. That training session wasn’t in vain, we’re not going home alone tonight.

MUSCLE is the discovery of the beginning of the year, get it as fast as you can.