Vincenzo Salvia – Atlantis

Artist: Vincenzo Salvia
Album: Atlantis
Released: July 22nd 2016

Vincenzo Salvia, with simplicity

‘’I still remember when I was 18 years old, I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license just to go on nightdrives with some 80’s music under the rain’’. That is how Vincenzo Salvia explains his passion for 80’s sounds. His discography is indeed mostly comprised with cruising tracks. It all started back in August 2012 with an EP released by Future City Records under the name Voyage. 6 other projects came afterwards, a few of them were released by Telefuture. Regardless, they are all created as bringers of simple and common feelings, ‘’I always try to give my tracks a positive or melancholic mood which tell about some sad rainy days, some broken heart experiences and more. My music is designed to convey daily emotions, the ones that everyone can feel’’.

Atlantean retro-futurism

Vincenzo Salvia draws inspiration from his many travels amongst other things, and that also includes his imaginary journeys. This element leads him to tell his aquatic adventure in the kingdom of Aquaman, with his latest EP: Atlantis. ‘‘This project is an evolution of some news sounds I was experimenting. I was looking for something both aquatic and retro-futuristic’’. Thus, those 5 leisurely tracks convey a vision of Atlantis past and future. Over The Pillars is the opening, The Ascent is the end, these two throbbing tracks respectively set milestones for Atlantis as it sinks under the sea, to later go back to the surface world. Mermaids, Gold & Ivory then Towards have a more light-hearted feel which evokes that period of changes underwent by the Atlantean people. Provided that you are receptive to this aqua-synthwave trip, you might consider putting your interstellar Cruiser on the side for a while, hop in a submarine to venture in the abyss and maybe even meet a couple of mermaids.