Absolute Valentine – American Nightmares

]Artist: Absolute Valentine
Album: American Nightmare
Release date: 28 October 2013

Absolute Valentine, the synth with a broken heart
Take an electro music lover, break his heart, you’ll get Absolute Valentine. After having been dumped by his fiancee, he was taken by a creative rebirth. ‘’Since that moment, I started to ask myself about absolute love. Absolute Valentine was born’’. He thus began drifting away from his old creative habits mainly based on ‘’the dancefloor’s energy’’ and looked for a more sensual and tragic sonority. That quest lead him to make an EP entitled Sunset Love. Long gone are the modern electro beats, Sunset Love is covered with Synthwave’s colorful and glittering flow. You could be tempted to think that A.V manages to keep his inspiration going in that genre heavily influenced by the 80’s since he recently released a new EP named American Nightmares.

American Nightmares, Synthwave stained dread
As it is usual at that time of the year, Christmas decorations are all over town. Let’s wind the clocks back a month or so and get back with Halloween’s Disco-Zombies. It’s in order to celebrate this rather morbid celebration that Absolute Valentine released the EP American Nightmares. Pure Synthwave stained dread. Lots of big names from the horror films genre inspired that ear-movie, such as John Carpenter, David Cronenber, David Lynch… The eight tracks take us on a ghost train through narrative key-points. We get to meet the heroes while they’re still unaware of the evil lurking in the shadows. Then recklessness gives way consecutively to panic, reason, despair and determination. All that, served with a dose of romanticism and bitterness. To hell with Santa Claus, let’s stay a bit longer in the spooky vibes of American Nightmares.