Gost – Non Paradisi

Artist: Gost
Album: Non Paradisi
Released: september 30th, 2016

“Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven,”

GosT gets deadly serious with us quickly, with his sophomoric debut “Non Paradisi” from Blood Music lable. Hailing from” Hell, Michigan” the artist and master of the subgenre of synthwave, known as “slasherwave”, has 4 EP’s and 3 Album under his leather studded belt, is not shy about dabbling into the darker avenues of synthwave.

To be labeled “darkwave” would be a misnomer for GosT. While some music artists out there have only “toured the dark parts of the psyche” He has moved into there a long time ago and takes solace in the pitch black corners, where no man would step with confidence.

GosT will blindly run and leap down the precipice of one’s own dark thoughts and imagination and paths that we as a society would dare not trod. Finding the true source of his amazing talent to put you on edge, just with atmosphere alone is very hard to peg down. Some would say it is his bone white visage that might do it. Others say it him not shying away from the occult, pentagrams, inverted crosses and satanic imagery.

But deeper still is something that he places in his music, something that is a part of him, a sliver of his soul to share with us, the listener. Maybe that is what compels us to come back again and again. His own anima is within each of his songs.

Maybe it’s the mirror like surface to these songs that shines back on us and our own dark intentions and motives that we never let slip out in day to conversation.

His latest album which comes out on Sept 30 and mastered specifically for vinyl and a gorgeous cover by Fortifem, is an introspective interpenetration of John Milton’s immortal classic poem, “Paradise Lost” follows Lucifer from his decent to heaven, down to hell.

This 10 track record is an amazing, frantic and hot blooded sonic workout that delivers punch after blistering punch. You’ll swear you feel perdition’s flames while you listen.

From the first track, “Commencement” That rips out the nerves of your arm and uses them as violin strings for its own pleasure while Valefar, duke of Hell, dances to its tortured tune. In “Lake of fire”, you can almost smell the cooked human viscera as hell’s maw opens wide and begs you into oblivion. “Arise” starts with a bone chilling, spine tingler and lulls you into a false sense of security, all the while, Kriistal Ann’s vocal talents force you to abandon all hope to those that enter into this brutal state of mind.

The final song on this opus, the aptly named, “I am Adaddon” Is a fevered, 80’s tinged aural nightmare that would be right at home in any era of splatter-gore film.

Truly gut wrenching at times, and other times beautiful and cryptic, GosT will leave you bloody and very happy after all the chaos has ended. Like a true master always does.