Confrontational – Kingdom Of Night

Artist: Confrontational
Album: Kingdom Of Night
Released: October 1st, 2016

A year after releasing “A Dance of Shadows”, here is the promising Confrontational with his latest offering: “Kingdom of Night”.

Creeping from the shadows comes an album that represents everything associated with the night. It has pain, suffering, fear, blood, longing, loss, and lust.

From the erie introduction that is born of the fluids of Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, and John Carpenter, “Kingdom Come” prepares you for sinister ride into the night.

“In The Line of Fire”, then, sets the tone for a long player that evokes alternative ‘80s electronica. “Kingdom of Night” could easily replace a Demon-inspired horror film, of which this track typifies.

“Without Fear” is a notion I can no longer cling to after my first listen of this track: Confrontational’s outpouring of raw emotions. Tony Kim (DWTD) steps in on “Stand Your Ground” to help rock away the fear, of which our artist urges you to stand your ground tonight. I can only hope that we make it.

Making it to the witching hour, “Midnight Wings” lift us to the sanctuary. Featuring Ugo Laurenti, this wonderfully poetic instrumental slows everything down, leaving us to reminisce amongst the clouds.
“Tanit” brings us back to terror-firma. A femme fatale that is out for you, and will leave you a husk. Everything you had will be devoured.
However, there is still hope: you must “Keep Faith”.  Where there is bad, there is good. Life is a double-edged sword. Helene De Thoury provides the luxurious, caramel-like, tones from a heavy-hearted record. Helene could lighten the heart of a 14 storey grey concrete car park: salvation is at hand.

In a true penultimate fashion, “The Night is Done” draws you to the final curtain of a gritty album. These curtains are crimson, a colour that would best represent the listening experience Confrontational has brought forth. Cody Carpenter is on board for the albums encore, and the collision of these two synthesiser giants creates the best part of a seven minute battle of technology.

So, to conclude. This artist is lore of Darkretrosynth.  There is no doubt. Every track here provokes emotions from the depths of inner self. When this piece is done with you, you will feel that more lurks in the night than your wildest imagination didn’t even consider.

The artist has made sure that “Kingdom of Night” will stir your very subconscious.

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