Tommy ’86 – Transhumanism

Artist: Tommy ’86
Album: Transhumanism
Released: October 28th, 2016

Transhumanism by definition is the theory that mankind as a whole can evolve beyond our physical and mental precipice, through means of science and cutting edge technology.

Tommy86 has taken that big leap by touching the proverbial monolith, been evolved on a molecular level and was ushered into a new era of music.

Having released several EPs since his debut in 2011, the hungry synthwavers out there will see a big difference from his older work, from his song Aurora to Transhumanism, the new 12 track concept album from Blood Music Records on Oct 28th, 2016. It will be a departure from his ethereal soundscapes to a more hard dystopian, darkwave edge. This album fits with his ever evolving style through out his time making music, and is a definite departure from his early works, with his humble beginnings with techno, all the way up to now.

There’s something deeply embedded in this album. Something very existential and current, we are seeing the development of smarter and more independent Artificial Intelligence within reality and this concept album. We see a place where we’ve reach the pinnacle of progress and humanity can venture no more further, and once that wall has been reached. Where nothing can go further, we will give up. Technology has taken us as far as it can. Our collective spirit is crushed and broken by the false hope of digital ascension and within this megalopolis, a savior emerges. A being referred to as L.V.T.H.N. and it seeks loyal subjects feed off of, in an instant it quickly surpasses us lightyears in  mental capacity in and into godhood to rule and oppress over these lowly and broken beings

With gorgeous album artwork done by the legendary Jim Gennisson, and a limited black and white cassette release, this opus will no doubt, fly off the digital shelves.

From the beginning with The Rise, we see already an atmospheric accretion to set the tone of this album. With a sad but important ambience that gives way to quick synth drones and then changing into a fevered tempo that is laying down the grandiose ground work.

Sequential Slavery (featuring Dan Terminus), continues the ever growing world building and is a dark as pitch brooding nightmare where all hope is lost but is found again with the servitude of an artificial being. L.V.T.H.N. central unit, gives you the false sense of his ethereal old style, just to play with you, then delivers hot, crunchy digital beats to straight to the teeth so hard that you could swear you feel your head rock from the impact.

The Shutdown of humanity, has a cyberpunk, darkwave feel to it, that opens on a then goes at you with a thriving drums and urgent synthesizers. Be aware…this song hits as hard as granite.

Transhumanism, demands your attention, thoughts, imagination and your servitude. It is true stroke of genius from Tommy86 that will resonate with you long after it’s over. It’s a sonic tale in the true sense of the way and telling a story with out using words is a feat indeed. This album is really something that we will still ponder as the years go by.