Future Dark Club Vol.1

Artist: Lazerdiscs Records
Album: Future Dark Club
Released: October 28th, 2016

Music to do more than trick or treat to!

With all hallows eve being just days away, what better way to celebrate at your costume party, or in your car then with Future Dark Club Vol.1 from Lazerdiscs Records! This 12 track album is full of assorted dark gems from up and coming and Synth Lords alike. It’s available today so it will behoove you to purchase it, with great speed and immediacy!

Starting this little creepy shindig with the perfectly named “Haunted City” by Miami Beach Force gives you a sobering look into what it would be like to travel the veins of a truly vexed metropolis, forever cursed. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, when the entire ghostly conurbation knows your whereabouts at all times, there’s no escape!

“Wrong side of town” by Lazerhawk begins with a slow but strong that builds an uneasy tension. We all know the feeling of being someplace that you know that you don’t belong. A dark and treacherous place forever in a cold embrace of fear and overcast where at first glance the figures standing around a burning barrel for warmth are actually demons, feasting on the last person that got lost in this part of the city. Once you cross the tracks to this side of town, there may be no turning back.

“Gatekeeper” by Arcade High is a drop down the vortex of a portal made by a warlock; the swirling rhythms in this track and driving beat will pull you in, stronger than any black hole. There’s no escape once he has you in his grasp. You’re his to be ripped asunder and your remains, scattered across time where you’ll have and a bowel’s full of horrid ossified old gods, perverted by hate and impotence that will dwell within you for as long as time had a name and the aborted universes made by two very promiscuous, irresponsible and lonely heavenly bodies to keep you company.

“Necronomicon” by Speed Machine would definitely have H.P. Lovecraft grooving in his grave. This song flawlessly captures the white-knuckle tenseness of coming into possession of the infamous tome. A shadowy figure that may be human slowly slides the ancient book across a table in a dimly lit room, a manuscript that places horrid, abominable things in your mind just by the sheer touch of it. Speed Machine has encapsulated the racing beat and the screams that would come with opening this horrifying and damning book of the dead!

Lastly the eerie little song “Trial by fire” by Ludrium is nostalgic throwback, with an unsettling feeling about it. Dread and uneasiness quickly transform to blinding fear as you’re being chased through a massive maze. Something’s breath is on your neck, it’s that close to having you as you run with all that you can muster from your legs. It almost seems like the beast is toying with you, just for sport or maybe boredom. You glance up from the labyrinth and see the walls lined with people watching you with vague curiosity. You dare not scream for aid from them for you’ll need all the breath in your lungs to get you to safety…you hope!

So, let this dark and creepy compilation take you on an adventure…who knows, you might even like it!