Dynatron – The Rigel Axiom

Artist: Dynatron
Album: The Rigel Axiom
Released: November 4th, 2016

Greetings fellow stargazers and synthwavers alike, you are in for something very special. November 4, 2016 is when you will need to be in line, with your ticket in hand and be prepared for a journey out there into the stars.

Dynatron’s newest work will be thought of as an afterward to the album, “Aeternus”, “The Rigel Axiom” goes more in-depth into previous places explored, the saga of deep space exploration, and the toll that it can have on the human mind, spirit and soul.  It will be released on 180gram, 45 rpm limited edition, 12” vinyl.

He is regarded as synth royalty as he was one the earliest producers on it’s scene. The Denmark native continues to raise the bar with each opus that he releases.

His newest album which is curiously titled, “The Rigel Axiom”, brings focus to “Rigel” which is actually the brightest star in the constellation of Orion. “Rigel” is derived from the Arabic name Rijl Jauzah al Yusra. Meaning “the left leg of Jauza, is classified as a blue-white super giant that is said to be 120,000 times brighter than our solar system’s Sun.

And our journey out of this planetary system begins with “Tristar”. It completely opens up, just pouring with ambiance and imagination, one’s mind is flooded full of the dark and dangerous beauty of deep space. If you have ever wondered what that would sound like? This song is it. “Contact”  taps directly into 1970’s exploratory science fiction with enough atmosphere that you could cut it with a knife. It’s rising and falling synth sounds are complimented by the swelling and sinking white noise buried within.

“Stones” starts on a more serious note, with a hint of synthesizer/ orchestra cross over. Spars and methodical with the beats, this track is a somber and lonely piece like space itself. If not kept busy, the mind itself will reflect inward and cause great sadness and melancholy. “Stones” does a very good job conveying the feeling of deep space exploration without having to venture out there to experience it.

“Storms” Being out there with no one to rely on but yourself is a sobering thing. The lonely sounding synthesizers calls out in distress and the chattering arpeggios of the keyboard remind us of blinking lights across the consol of the traveling craft in question. Lastly, “Unknown” is a somber and emotional song that leaves you with so much charged emotions, it makes you see that plexiglass portal and touch it with the tip of your fingertips while gazing at all that nothing…the abyss. But be careful, traveler. Looking into the abyss also means that the abyss is looking into you.

These songs within this “The Rigel Axiom”, mesh and flow so well together to tell a story, to convey a feeling that it makes you step back in awe at the all the unknown vastness out there beyond our collective and limited reach.  Dynatron has done something so extraordinary with this EP. He’s managed to fit an entire album worth of adventure in only 25 minutes.