The Summoner Original Soundtrack

Artist: Lazerdiscs Records
Album: The Summoner Original Soundtrack
Released: November 18th, 2016

The Summoner is an all out Eighties homage to the horror pictures of old with a killer soundtrack some of today’s greatest Synthwavers. Written and directed by James Secker the short film is about another reality where viscous wraiths haunt almost every house and the only way to get rid of said spirit is by bringing in a Summoner, who will rip the prescence from its place and banish it forever.

With aesthetic inspiration varying from the films like the Wraith, and Hardware, to Bladerunner and Suspiria, the film, according to, James, “It’s gonna be one hell of a ride.”

The 12 tracks of sheer thrilling atmosphere, is a perfect companion piece for The Summoner, like all great soundtracks should be.

“Emergence” by Waveshaper is a genius track to start the whole feel for the film with. It begins with a slow and deliberate build with lonely howling keyboards that descends quickly into a tense beat that sets the mood for the rest of the soundtrack. The franticness of the synthesizers gives the whole song an overall feeling of dread with an underlining hint of excitement to it. You just do not want it to end.

“Pest control” by Dream Fiend with hypnotic looping melodies that make us sway unconsciously, it just stands out as one of those brilliant songs that you’ll make a mental note to listen on repeat over and over after you’ve given the whole soundtrack your complete and undivided attention.

“Intruder” by Sellorekt/ LA Dreams lives up the title, chasing the spirit through the house. With a driving rhythm that gets your blood pumping so you can kick it in to high gear, roll up your sleeves and get those horrid abominations out of an innocent families abode.

“Crestfallen” by Moondragon is a grandiose and wonderful track that falls into fuzzy synths that announces its presence and that melts into a rather touching and delicate beat that reassures us with a touch to the cheek that this nightmare will all be over soon.

“Light in the dark” by Absolute Valentine is a solid choice. It’s always a treat for Absolute to bless a soundtrack with his ominous music. Light in the dark is beneficial and brings the overall mood to the soundtrack to a fever pitch and gives us all the shivers with this mastery of the dark synthwave flavor

Like the short film itself. The Summoner soundtrack will make you grateful for its place on this world, but you always wish that it was just longer and could go on forever. Every song on this album just shines brightly on its own. James Secker really has champagne taste when it comes to synthwave bands. His chosen ones do him proud with this haunting aural tale of vengeful spirits and a man that can tame them and purge them from this world for all eterenity.

Just remember, when putting this album on what the Summoner says,” Find someplace safe, and help is on the way. “