Lazerhawk – Dreamrider

Artist: Lazerhawk
Album: Dreamrider
Released: January 18th, 2017

The internet is collectively foaming at the mouth and aglow with anticipation for Jan the 18 so that they can purchase Lazerhawk’s newest album Dreamrider. You can almost feel it when you turn on your computer and run your fingers over the keyboard.

It has been 3 years since his last album. In internet time, 3 years could be likened unto dog years. People’s attention spans have shortened because of all the constant barrage of stimuli. But the amazing thing is, his fans patiently waited. Patience in this day and age? The age of instant gratification! His music speaks to so many out there in the world and it shows. Just google the name Lazerhawk and pour through all the die hard fans talking about how his music changed their life.

That is unheard of anymore.

A man from Austin Texas, changing lives on a daily basis since 2010. For most of us out there, his music is our sanctuary. It’s as if you’re automatically part of a club. There have been lasting friendships built and started on his name alone.

During the wait, the mind goes on tangents. It wonders. What will his next album be like? More in the avenue of Redline or Visitors or maybe more of Skull and Shark? Dreamrider proves that it is its own animal and Lazerhawk, who has been on the bleeding edge of the Synthwave current, shows us that he hasn’t left that spot. Always years ahead of the curve.

This 13 track album is a universe unto itself, a complex reality that weaves us into the notes and melodies and makes us a part of it. It assimilates our minds. With it’s them of sleep and dreams it is a delight to the ears with its music steeped in Dreamwave, Chillwave and some Outrun for good measure.

The first song on a new Album is always crucial to finding the pulse or the flow and how every song meshes. And “Neon Dawn” takes the unknown, the slight nervousness and puts all that straight to bed. By the end of it, you know without a doubt in your heart that this album will be played again immediately after it ends.

“Cruise” gives you the chills and a smile or two as well. This track is like watching an expert in martial arts going thru a complicated kata. It is measured, precise and perfect, an absolute pleasure to experience.

“Feel the rush tonight (featuring Gunship)” expels all apprehension about his music accompanied with traditional vocals. This song has taken that experience of first love and made it tangible in soundwave form. You can’t help but sigh longingly when listening to this one. The lyrics, “Keep moving, there’s a ghost in the tail light” is potent enough to haunt you for hours after you’ve stopped listening.

“REM” begins with a tip of the fedora to Moroder, and you can tell it’s all out of respect as well. This song is a neon drenched, pleasure dream for all to listen. It’s beyond hypnotic if this song were to ask you to jump; you’d do it in an instant.

Dreamrider is a modern masterpiece that will stand the test of time. It is a muse. An inspiration for so many out there that want to follow the path of Synth, but are too scared or don’t know where to start, it will light the way for new listeners and old alike, for those that have strayed away, they will be drawn back like a moth to a flame.