Stilz – Starcrash

Artist: Stilz
Album: Starcrash
Released: January 13th, 2017

A Synthwave/Outrun/Cyberpunk work of art.

The cold Arctic winds can not stop the heat that this Synthlord is bringing to us tomorrow! Friday, January 13, 2017, Calgary Canada native Stilz will be releasing his album called “Starcrash” from Lazerdiscs Records and it is everything you could hope for. A little bit of outrun, a dash of synthwave and a whole lot of cyperpunk vibes to tie the ensemble all together.

The album’s first track titled “Starcrash” gets down and dirty, skips the entire preamble, throws all that out the nearest window and rocks your body hard with the help from fellow Synthlord Takahashi Jones with the outrun feels and cyberpunk tinged atmosphere! “Out of the darkness” gives you the ol’ chills down the spine with a raw start and white noise that gives birth to a driving beat that will give you kick right in the adrenal glands, amps you up to where you feel like you could take on a mutant, rabid silverback gorilla and gets your ticker up to 120 beats per minute.

“Escape from Hyperions” gives you frantic beats, you can picture our frazzled and haggared hero running for his life from hover drones locking in on his heat signature. He’s ducking and dodging through obstacles and desperate to escape.

“Light years” with it’s ethereal beginnings gives you sweeping synthesizers in the vein of Tangerine Dream, a truly dreamy track that builds and gives the listener the thousand yard stare. It’s good enough to stop you in your tracks and make you get introspective like a truly great song should do. In “Galaxy Express 2185” muted tones become slowly more clearer and morphs into to a sexy beat and dreamy tones on the keyboards, sprinkled with sparse glittery synth this song paints you a picture of what it’s like to watch a d nebula pass your window on the in the intergalactic railway ending with ghostlike rhythmic clacks across the sky.

“5 minute window” throws in a little bonus outrun for good measure, in case you didn’t think that Stilz had in it him. He will quickly remind you why shouldn’t be stepped to. A seriously good track that doles out the head rocking beats and smiles to boot!

Stilz has thrown the proverbial hat into the ring and gave out a challenge to all new comers, he’s drawn a line in the sand and has put together a spectacular album that will set the bar in 2017 a little higher for the rest of those up and coming Synthlords out there. You are going to have to get double serious, and get to his level!