DEADLIFE – Bionic Chrysalis


Album: Bionic Chrysalis

Released: March 17th, 2017

Where on Earth did Lazerdiscs Records go to find such dark and aggressive music? Well, it may be a closely guarded secret, but we think that there is a cave, somewhere on the way to the core, where only evil lives. During their exploration for thuggish sounds they found DEADLIFE.

This debut LP would have you fooled as sounding like it has been created by a seasoned musician, slaving away in the Darkwave-depths for the last four-to-five years: Honing a sound that will tear you limb from limb, as only a true Hellraiser could. From ‘Entree’, the dank and murky intro, you’re dragged under the bed and enveloped in darkness. Then, ‘Deviant’ simply devours you. Escaping this behemoth of a track is almost impossible, with its lashing, clawing, synths and face-slamming beats, you may as well be a slave to its rhythm.

All you’re good for is a trip to the ‘Trash’. There is no end in sight here, either! Your body and your mind will both be mangled, due to hyper motions that they are baring witness to. Time to re-group and get back on the road. The words spoken throughout ‘Maverick’ are your salvation. Foot to the floor stuff, with an engine full of raw energy thrusting you forward. Boy, this album is good! Now, for a moment of calm… if we must. ‘Aurora’ is a built-up machine that could despatch you like a bag of flour. Every look of it would strike fear in anyone. But it chooses to merely cruise and observe, from a great height. Casting shadows on all. ‘Perdition’ brings us back to sub-ground level. Haunting and looming.

There is no time to prepare. You are being stalked in the half-light. Then, out of the murk, comes ‘Unto Ruin’: A Rock fuelled monster. This piece could easily be mistaken for a track by the Prodigy, of which I am sure that Liam Hewlett wouldn’t begrudge the comparison. Now, do you remember before everything happened? This is the question asked by DEADLIFE, eight tracks in. ‘Remember’ or die. It is as simple as that, as there is no time to ponder whilst the drums beat down on your skull. At times like this, you need to look deep ‘Within’: Time to execute your programmed potential.

So far, this LP feels more like field manual for battle, and you are its main protagonist. Cast in the dirt, you have dragged yourself this far. But there is still a long way to go. The thrust to the end has commenced and you’d better hold on tight! ‘Avenge Me’ is a wild ride to the final showdown with… ‘Boss’. This is one nasty bastard. Do you have the meat to defeat it? Put ’em up or get on out, as this is the warriors dance. This record will force every last drop of juice through your veins, pumping those battle-carved muscles. Time to take down the final obstacle. A truly energising and enjoyable LP is ‘Bionic Chrysalis’, which ‘For You’ rounds off very well.

DEADLIFE is a musician that can only go onward and upward. Barriers do not exist to him, and limits are neither known or recognised. ‘Bionic Chrysalis’ is another release on a label that is consistently introducing us to new and exciting sounds. The release also show that musicians from other scenes are that enthused by the synth-world that they simply cannot refuse making something. This is ‘Bionic Chrysalis’, and it isn’t just something: It is everything.