OSC – Girls on Bikes

Artist: Opus Science Collective (OSC)
EP: Girls on bikes
Release date: 25th of August, 2017
Genres covered: Synthwave, Chiptune, ’80s, Funk, Electronica.
Hails: Brighton, England.

School’s out, girls on bikes are in!

Remember the innocence? The times, between lunch and dinner, when you could run to the shed and marvel at your BMX, before peddling like crazy to get to your mates house?

I do, and whom-ever I was paying a visit, baying them to cycle to the local park with me to talk to girls, didn’t care that I was a sweaty mess and that my pockets were hanging out. Their parents did, but who cares? I had bubble gum, the summer breeze, and the asphalt.

So, to hear an EP like ‘Girls on Bikes’ is a real hark-back to when I didn’t know about politics, war, and other dark and pointless things. All I knew was how to work a stereo, my Mega Drive (Genesis to our family members over the pond), and how to make a girl laugh.

Life was fun, then, and fancy-free. As is this EP from OSC. Originally from Birmingham, this cool cat now mixes it in the bohemian sea-side city that is Brighton. The ocean and the sun have bathed this wonderful collection of tracks. OSC has let a much loved musical decade (1980) craft an instant ‘smile on your face’ soundtrack.

The opener (also the title), ‘Girls on Bikes’, will have you rocking those shoulder pads, ‘Boys Fall Easy’ has a bagful of chiptune cheer, and ‘Cycles at Sundown’ is a funk-fest that will have you knocking neighbours doors for a bike break dance bonanza when the kids are in bed.

Speaking of being on a bike, another thing I looked forward to was popping into the local arcade. ‘Lipstick and Lollipops’ was that new love interest that hung off of my shoulder, chewing the gum I’d charmed her with, complimenting my high score skills!

Finally, its time for the ‘The Ride Home’. Sadness from leaving the park, the arcade, and the girl, mingles into a reflective and, gradually, warming sound that ends this most impressive release.

Whether all of the above was real or a figment of my imagination doesn’t matter. What does matter is you’ll switch off and imagine what ever you want to, once you have begun listening to ‘Girls of Bikes’. Trust me, your mind will want to peddle everywhere…

I want to ride my bicycle. Don’t you?