FacexHugger – Come up to the Dark (featuring Glitbiter and The Encounter)

Artist: FacexHugger (feat. The Encounter & Glitbiter)
Title: Come Up To the Dark (single)
Release Date: November 13, 2017

Written by: Justin Amick

FacexHugger is back for blood, and he’s brought some friends with him.

I’ve been following FacexHugger’s trail of acidic blood- er, I mean, youthful synthwave career for a while now. I caught the California producer in the early stages of it last spring, when he was rolling out his eponymous EP, and even booked and sat in on the Dungeons Magazine interview between him and my very good friend Lord Raven. Since then, FacexHugger has exerted plenty of effort, participating in project after project, spreading the cosmic horror and synth terror. The most impressive point of his constant work is the fact that you can audiby hear his work improve.

The best place to hear this is the most recent release to be transmitted to his Bandcamp page- the single “Come Up to the Dark”, which also enlists the talented producer and vocalist Glitbiter, as well as seasoned audio-aestheticist The Encounter.

“Come Up to the Dark” opens hard with the solid electronic alertness, thick bass, and sensually refined vocals that can only be found in darksynth. When listened to directly after any track from the FacexHugger EP, or even Face’s first full length, Chasing Replicants, the musical growth is audible and noticeable. Despite the entrancing feminine vocals courtesy of Glitbiter, the track has a wonderfully overcast and irresolute tone, which makes for a great combination of sounds that hint at dark, investigative pursuit, and hypnotic, inviting, indulgence.

In terms of mix and production, the track is completely airtight, without a single chink in the armor, which is indeed heavily layered. My favorite of the more subtle points of the track is the drums that carry it, in which you’ll hear something new that you didn’t hear before in every listen. The quality in general is very high compared to other independent producers that grace the scene right now, and while lo-fidelity has its place in other realms, this track is the sort that needs to be elevated to the utmost level of clarity, so as not to let the detail in every pattern go unnoticed.

Judging by social media presences alone, Glitbiter is a fellow Californian and friend to the FacexHugger hive, and The Encounter is no stranger to synthwave social circles, so it’s always refreshing to see artists put their money where their mouth is, and actually collaborate to produce something worthwhile. “Come Up To the Dark” is a transmission from the underground that needs to be noticed, because it holds everything neccessary to stand side-by-side with the better known tracks of the “majestic feminine vocals over weight-carrying heavy synth” trope, and sparks hope in what FacexHugger, as well as Glitbiter and The Encounter, have on the rise in 2018.

We depart from “Come Up To the Dark” with a neon phrase audibly burned into our brains on repeat, which itself is an unknowing testimony to the interest piqued in the listener by the track’s elegant display of new power-

“You’re watching me.”

Yes, we are.