M.A.D.E.S – Return

Artist: M.A.D.E.S
Album: Return
Released: June 20th, 2016

M.A.D.E.S is here with a mixture of heavy bass hitting and beautifully crafted Synth-Electro House.

This tantalising EP brings three brand new tracks followed by corresponding remixes by Irving Force, Hijack Da Bass, and Alminia. Opening with the heaviest of bass and roaring engines we can already see what M.A.D.E.S is feeling with his music, as this first track really drives us into the EP.

Accompanied with gritty tones and dramatic string work it begs the questions what hardships have we faced? What battles have been fought? And, as we “Return” from glory, all becomes revealed as we are dropped right where we need to be.

This drop just so happens to be an “Orbital” strike, keeping that bass pumping and our hearts racing. The feel has changed dramatically, but not so much as to lose the hype were riding.

We’ve gone from gritty tones to space’d out futuristic beats and, as drops go, this track has its fair share of epic moments. We’re thrown from the infinite: with each ride a new experience shows. The sirens blare on the land as darkness rises. With gritty tones rearing their head, once again, we drive down this pitch black “Highway”. The feel has changed once more, sending us on a rollercoaster of some of the best beats around. We’ve finally started to realise what M.A.D.E.S can accomplish. Each track is unique and this one is no different.

With a dark undertone it makes you really sense the emotion and effort that goes into his work. I really feel this track mixes the best of both “Return” and “Orbital” together, to create what can only be described as a unique blend of Synth and Complextro/Electro House. Finally, when you think it’s all over and there is nothing more to give, you get greeted with three remixes: each bloom new life to the tracks we have just experienced.

Synthwave maestro Irving Force’s remix of “Return” has a more metal tone to it, emphasising on the orchestral dramatic beats but still providing the same experience the original gave. This offers a breath of fresh air into the track.

With each remix comes new opportunities for these legends to really show what they are made of. Hijack Da Bass’s remix of “Orbital” boasts futuristic flows with melodic madness, bouncing itself around this track gives us exactly what we felt from the original. It brings its own twist, which has you bopping along no matter where you are. Alminia’s remix of “Highway” changes the tone of the song completely and I feel is the only one that differs from the rest.

This isn’t to say it’s a bad thing as these bad ass heavy beats really finishes off the EP with a bite. The electronic bass sound gets replaced with real bass, light hearted tones take over and what sounds like a Theremin drives this track into a happy place finishing up the EP in style.

In conclusion: M.A.D.E.S manages to provide some of the tastiest beats around, showing exactly what he is capable of in more ways than one.

Be sure to pick yourself a copy up today and experience first-hand what M.A.D.E.S is made of.