Daniel Deluxe – Corruptor

Artist: Daniel Deluxe
Album: Corruptor
Released: April 8th, 2016

Since releasing “Night Stalker”, way back on the 3rd of October, 2014, we have been waiting for the next step in this promising musicians career.. a long player. And for any fan its been a mixture of pacing up and down the room or sitting on hands.

In short: a lot of excitement has been stored for this moment. So, when this twelve track heavy-weight landed on lap(top) I just couldn’t resist hitting the play button.

Being part of Drive I get to hear lot’s of music from the darkest, dankest, electronic basements of torture, and from the softest synth wave clouds, that rain the lightest warmest sounds imaginable. Somewhere, back in time, this rain trickled through the gutter and into a place that mortals fear.

This LP was the noises being heard deep in the night, for months, and came from behind the basement door looking for you, and its name is “Corruptor”.


From its intro, “Broken Seal”, you feel yourself already being put on the back-foot. What follows is “Soul Siphon”, of which will take no prisoners. Fast, relentless, uncompromising.

“The Guardian” leaps in just in time, to provide shelter and respite. With back-up from “Sourc3” you have your chance to strike back. But, always remember, these moments don’t last long there is always some sort of…“Time Limit”.

Feel your heart race, perspiration roll, and your muscles flex. One can only hope you that when you are corned that you are “Combat Ready”.

The evil protagonist will be ready to pounce and devour your every molecule. Now you are face to face with “Corruptor” (title track); you feel his breath on your face, and his breath smells of stagnant death. You flee and take to the skies, heading for the great city for refuge.

“Aero” is your flight of reflection. Your time to take stock of what you now know what you have to face. Its time to work out tactics, from picturing potential weaknesses to ways to out manoeuvre your opponent.


Arrival: The “Black Metropolis” has enveloped you. Every avenue harbours pain, misery, and everything else imaginable. The buildings surround you, tower over you like giant hawks. These winding streets can provide you deliverance to “Cerberus”.

Here you must engage the multi-headed beast, as its blood is what you need. It is what you require to give you the power to face “Corruptor”. Its the leveller. It will become part of the mystical potion that can only be created via “Black Magic”. The Voodoo Priest just a few blocks away will be your next port of call in this race against time.

It is done. With potion in hand its time to reflect on those who have inspired you to get to this very moment, as without them you would have perished at the first encounter.

So, as you raise the vile to your mouth, these word’s escape from your lips: “For Our Heroes”. As you hear the smashing of glass on the floor beneath you, the disfigured figure descends from the shadows. It is here and it has come for you. A fire ignites and fills your backdrop, reaching beyond the buildings.

The finale is here, and all you can smell is the “Burning Skylines”.


The next move is the most important, so what will you do? I, for one, will submerge myself in my very own ending to this wonderfully absorbing musical landscape. Daniel Deluxe has provided a soundtrack to the dark side of your mind, of which I can see him revisiting many times in the future, albeit from different sonic angles.

A great first LP and a great extended introduction to the artists extended talents.