Ludrium – Unity

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Artist: Ludrium
Album: Unity
Released: January 13th, 2016

 I love Rock’n’Roll. I love Synthwave. What I would love more than both, put together, is… To put them both together, and this is what Cody Carpenter AKA Ludrium has done.

And with most pleasing results. From the initial “Drop Kick”, we are treated to full fruits of Ludlum’s loins. From a happy-go-lucky start, which feels like an sunset strip somewhere south, in a place called 80s ecstasy, to a father-like influence on “Sentinel”. Cody’s passion for instruments, especially the drum, comes to the fore in “Machines of Man”, where the age of new tech is give flesh, as such. With “Save Your Mysterious Power for Dancing” I can imagine Cody getting great pleasure from picturing you good listeners shacking a mean-hoof, especially to this Streets of Rage-tinged track.

A lot of fun was had making this, I am sure. And a surprisingly nice touch, with “The Sacred Tree”. A dedication, perhaps? Either way, it comes in at the right moment, on this LP. The oriental tones that move like vapour are intoxicating. A record that is beautifully delivered, and joyfully received.

“Cyber Attack” is what it says it is. You may want to download “Unity” in a timely fashion, to get offline and avoid any hacking of your hardware.


“Bramble” is an arcade machine, featuring cars and, I can imagine, in a place called Daytona (without naming games). Its as though your walking to the bowling alley and, as you spot the machine, walking past, this is what you hear accompanying the high-scores screen.

And your score is still top: wonderful! Pulling up a lounger and then taking in the morning sun, soaking warmly into your skin, “Plot a Course for Earth” kicks in. Lounging never sounded or felt so good. Closing your eyes, you can imagine that you’re not facing the sea in a picturesque beach environment, but your in the hull of space-faring vehicle, imagining a picturesque beach environment. Earth doesn’t feel so far away, today. World themes are ventured into, again, in this diverse LP.

“Trails Between Worlds” is East Asia wrapped in almost 6 minutes of electronica. “We have One Chance” is synthwave that bridges 1980s nostalgia to the present, using elements from both era’s. Its footloose and fancy. Get your trainers on, we’re going for a run. A short and very sweet penultimate record is a real gem. Like all other tracks on “Unity”, the title for each record portrays the music that accompanies it. You will feel yourself foraging fond memories, that Cody must have been having when composing “Cherished Memories”. A strong LP deserves a strong finish, and is there anything stronger than a “Fortress”?

Overall, this is, like Cody mentions in his own album brief, that this is “more of a collection of songs rather than an album because there are several different genres of music represented”. And, I have to say, he is spot on. This is how it sounds and this is how it feels.


Often the case with LPs that are planned, the tracks sound similar. Not in all cases, but most. Cody has took a walk for the best part of six months, at the business end of 2015, and created these records as he’s gone along.

And, with all the various influences, you can tell. This might not have worked, as marrying different genres together is notoriously tricky. But, to Cody’s credit, he has successfully put together a compilation of sorts that are all different and all exciting to listen to. Try and be bored of “Unity”, I challenge you. “Unity” will be with us for quite sometime.

Cody is not going to pull on his fathers coat tails, for he has set his stall out to be a recognised talent in his own rights. And a bloody good one, at that.


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